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Brand: Shine Brand Seed Model: F1 Dragon
It is excellent hybrid variety in oblong segment, fruit color is red, fruit weight is 90 to 120 grm. tolerant to TYLCV, TMV & high temperature...
Brand: Shree Pesticides and Chemicals Model: NEEM_300_PPM_ Azadirachtin_0.03EC
Neemex is an azadirachtin insecticide (0.03%) , with azardarictin contents as 300 ppm ,  formulated to provide broad spectrum insect control with very low environmental impact. NON-TOXIC to honeybees and many other beneficial insects. OMRI Listed for use in organic production.A popular botanica..
Brand: Vinspire Agrotech Model: 4 STROKE BRUSH CUTTER (only honda engine)
Product description: 4 Stroke Brush Cutter (Only Honda Engine)Product Special Features :Elastostart for less starting effortExcellent balance, low weightLong life filter system with self-cleaning and compensator effect-considerable extends intervals between cleaningsFour point anti-vibration sy..
Model: VNS/16A
Ideal sprayer for all field crops. ASPEE V-2007 consists of 16 lit. capacity injection moulded chemical tank, 110 cm long delivery hose, plastic trigger cut-off valve, 60 cm long stainless steel extension rod, flat fan & hollow cone plastic nozzle. Plastic pressure chamber , deep s..
Brand: Falcon Model: FBT-50
Description:Ideal for flowers & Bonsai Plants, producing a clean cutFeatures:Hardened Steel blades with rust preventive coatingEngineering plastic handles W/TPRSafety lockStainless steel coil springTotal length-190mm..
Brand: Om Agro World Model: Chaff Cutter Sardar Model
These chaff cutter machines can be used in Agri farming, chaff cutter machines for Agriculture Farming, chaff cutter machines for Livestock Farming, chaff cutter machines for Agathi Fodder,chaff cutter machines for Agati Fodder, chaff cutter machines for Alfalfa Fodder, chaff cutter machines for Cat..
Brand: J.K. Agro Inputs Model: Cornflower Flower Seed
GROWING METHOD OF CORNFLOWER:Cornflower is grown by direct seed sowing in pots.Sowing can be done in June-July in low rainfall regions and September-October for winter flowering.The garden soil should be well prepared and formed evenly. Soil should be aerated, porous with good drainage.Before s..
Model: dink laddu
The Dink Laddoo or Gondh Laddoo is a traditional sweet, popularly made in different parts of India. These laddoos are made up of Dink/Gond/Gunder (or edible gum), wheat flour, ghee & lots of dryfruits. The preparation for these laddoos starts in winter. The ingredients in the laddoo are excellen..
Brand: Concorde Agro Sprayers Pvt. Ltd. Model: FALCO 3.90.60 FELCO Light Grafting and Pruning Knife
 FALCO 3.90.60 FELCO Light Grafting and Pruning Knife (Victorinox)..
Brand: Falcon Model: STAR 50
Description:For those who have to carry out hard operations such as forestry pruning or green areas maintenance, Star 50 is the best Campagnola tool. it is the direct evolution of the previous F/6 U and D models, and its new forged steel blades group is its power point, being a guarantee for strengt..
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