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Brand: Shree Pesticides and Chemicals Model: Simba
Direction of use: Apply the insecticide when the incidence of larvae is first observed and repeat application as necessary. Apply the insecticide in the sufficient quantity of water to ensure through coverage of the foliage. Plant protection Equipment: Knapsack sprayer, Compression knapsack sprayer,..
Brand: Shree Pesticides and Chemicals Model: Amino_gold
Amino Gold - Amino Acid Based Premium PGR Amino Acid acids are required by plant to synthesize most important enzymes and hormones needed for completing metabolic activities. These acids are used to prevent the deficiency and overall health of plants and animals. Our offered Organic Amino Acid ..
Brand: National Pesticides and Chemicals Model: Boll_grow
National Boll Grow - Bio Stimulant for Bt CottonContains all essential elements required for considerable increase in number of bolls, It is effective to increase the weight and size of the bollDose : Only 0.5 ml per ltr of water Available in 100 ml pack only  ..
Brand: Shree Pesticides and Chemicals Model: Neem Shakti Plus
Neem Shakti Plus is a premium neem based organic manure.  It promotes plant and root growth, Aerates and improve soil health & quality, Deliver slower nitrogen release,Neem Shakti Plus is natural plant food.100% natural Product..
Brand: Shree Pesticides and Chemicals Model: Shree Prom
Shree Prom is a government approved Phosphate Organic Rich Manure. It Increase the production capacity of the land.and can be used with any chemical fertilizers.Available in 50kg Bag..
Brand: Shree Pesticides and Chemicals Model: Sultan
Sultan - Premium Plant growth promoterWe supply 100% pure, natural, organic and herbal agro products, which assist in cultivation and contribute to the growth of crops. These products include herbal Growth Promoter, Plant Growth Promoter flower shedding preventer, cotton pest contro..
Brand: Shree Pesticides and Chemicals Model: Zingo
Composition:Moisture : 25.00 %N(T) : 0.4 %P2O (T) : 10.4 %Org. Carbon (T) : 7.9 %C N Ratio : < 20:1pH : 6 to 7..
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