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Sulphur Mills Limited

Sulphur Mills Limited
Sulphur Mills ATRASUL Atrazine 50%
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Brand: Sulphur Mills Limited Model: ATRASUL
PRODUCT FEATURESATRASUL  is a broad spectrum and selective herbicide.It is a systemic herbicide kills weeds by inhibiting the photosynthesis and enzymatic activity.It is a pre and post-emergence herbicide for the control of annual grasses and broadleaf weeds in Sugarcane and Maize.It conta..
Sulphur Mills BRAVO Buprofenzin SC
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Brand: Sulphur Mills Limited Model: BRAVO
Bupro-Buprofenzin 25%SC :Buprofezin 25% SC an insecticide, is effective in controlling rice from damaging plant hoppers.Bupro , insecticide is an insect control agent that contains Buprofezin as an active ingredient. When sprayed in the beginning of the occurrence of brown plant hopper (BPH), it sto..
Brand: Sulphur Mills Limited Model: BUZZ
Tebuconazole is a systemic fungicide which is used as foliar spray for the control of powdery mildew and fruit rot of Chilli, tikka and rust of Groundnut, blast and sheath blight of Rice.We supply best quality crop protection Tebuconazole 25% WG (250 g/l)  fungicide in India as well as for expo..
Brand: Sulphur Mills Limited Model: CARBEN
A broad spectrum systemic fungicide of the Benzimidazole group used to control a range of diseases in various crops, with its protective and curative action.NOMENCLATURE Common name carbendazim (BSI, E-ISO); carbendazime ((f) F-ISO); carbendazol (JMAF)IUPAC name methyl benzimidazol-2-ylcarbamat..
Brand: Sulphur Mills Limited Model: CENTRIX
A broad spectrum insecticide | miticide of the Synthetic pyrethroids group with contact and stomach action. The product is effective against a broad range of lepidopteran pests, sucking pests, mites and termites in various crops.Crop: Cotton, Paddy, SugarcaneApplication: InsecticidesSynonyms: Galast..
Brand: Sulphur Mills Limited Model: CHALLENGER
It is a synthetic pyrethroid having contact and stomach mode of action. It has a new technology due to which it gives long duration control. It renders good control over bollworm in Cotton. Chemical is also recommended for stem borer, leaf folder in Paddy, borers in Brinjal, Okra & Tomato, thrip..
Brand: Sulphur Mills Limited Model: CONTROL
Thiophanate Methyl 70% W.P. appears as colorless crystals and is widely utilized for preventing harm caused by fungus in trees, vines,& root crops. It is known to have chemical formula C12H14N4O4S2 and molarmass of 342.39 g/mol. This compound is preventive & systemic fungicide and is known t..
Brand: Sulphur Mills Limited Model: COSAVET
COSAVET is broad spectrum contact and protective fungicide & miticide. It also provides Sulphur which is essential plant nutrient.Insect/Disease Spectrum powdery mildew, scab, leaf spots and all types of mites.Crop Spectrum Grapes, Mango, Pea, Cow pea, Apple, Cumin etc.Benefits:Wokovit is a dust..
Brand: Sulphur Mills Limited Model: CYPERSUL
Cyper25-Cypermethrin 25% ECCypermethrin is a synthetic pyrethroid used as an insecticide in large-scale commercial agricultural applications as well as in consumer products for domestic purposes. It behaves as a fast-acting neurotoxin in insects. It is easily degraded on soil and plants but can be e..
Brand: Sulphur Mills Limited Model: EMZET
Mode of Action:EMZET  demonstrates a unique physiological mode of action reducing potential cross resistance to other classes of chemistry. It acts on the nerve cells to suppress muscle contraction thus inhibiting the larvae from feeding within hours providing rapid crop protection.EMZET  ..
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