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Other Vegetable Seeds

Brand: Ankur Seeds Pvt Ltd Model: Ankur Hybrid Pumpkin–Bhim (122)
Ankur Hybrid  Pumpkin Bhim (122) Vegetable Seeds :1. Long viny2. Fruits shape flat round3. Fruits color green and netted4. Fruit wt. 5-6 kg5. Ready for harvest in 85-90 days6. Excellent keeping quality7. Suitable for Kharif/Summer8. Adaptable to all pumpkin9. growing areasWeight- 50 GRM..
Brand: Ankur Seeds Pvt Ltd Model: Ankur Hybrid Cucumber–Ragini
Ankur Hybrid Cucumber-Ragini Vegetable Seeds :Very strong plant vigour and foliage density.Attractive Mottled green fruits.Fruit are cylindrical, length 20-22 cm.Fruit wt 150-170 gm.1st harvest starts in 40 – 42 days after sowing.Good uniformity in size and shape.Sowing season is Jan-Oct.Very high y..
Brand: Ankur Seeds Pvt Ltd Model: Ankur Hybrid Cucumber–A7
Ankur Hybrid Cucumber-A7 Vegetable Seeds :Fast growing varietyWhitish green color4-5 cm in width and 14-16 cm in lengthFirst picking 40 – 45days after sowing.Excellent transportability.Weight- 25 GRM..
Brand: Dinker Seeds Model: Dinkar-Harit Hybrid Bringal Vegetable Seeds
Dinkar PALAK Vegetable Seeds Harit :Specialities:  Whole plant is green colour.  Broad leaf.  Dark green colour.  Long time yielding habit of green leaves.Sowing Season & Period-Whole year.Sowing Method & Distance-Broadcast & drilling method 30cm row to row.Seed rate ..
Brand: Dinker Seeds Model: Dinkar-Shiva Suva(Shepu) Vegetable Seeds
Dinkar Suva(Shepu) Vegetable Seeds Shiva:Specialities:  Suitable for salty soil.  Good for dessert.  Suitable for grain and veg. purpose.Sowing Season & Period-Kharif, Summer & Rabi season.        Kharif : June to July. Summer : January to Febuary. Rab..
Brand: Jindal Crop Science Pvt Ltd Model: White Marglobe Onion
Variety - White MarglobePacking size - 500gmVariety Name-White MarglobePacking Size-500 gmGermination Percentage- 70Sowing Season- Kharif & RabbiGrowing Period- May-June & September-OctoberHarvesting Period- August-September & November-DecemberPotential Yield Approx- 20 To 30 tonsColour ..
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