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Buy 3 units of Micronutrients and get 1 unit Absolutely free !!

Buy 3 units of Micronutrients and get 1 unit Absolutely free !!

Model: NanoManganese
NanoManganese - Chelated Manganese -Amino Acids Base Manganese Chelate Mn- 12% Nano –Manganese(Amino acids base Manganese Chelate , Mn- 12%) Causes of Manganese Deficiency The use of lime at rates sufficient to increase the ph of the soil above 6. 5 , burning of organic salts, irrigation w..
Model: NanoZinc - Chelated Zinc -Amino Acids Base Zinc Chelate Zn-12per
NanoZinc - चेल्टेड जिंक-अमीनो एसिड बेस जिंक चेलेट Zn- 12% NanoZinc (अमीनो एसिड बेस जिंक चेलेट, Zn- 12%)   प्रतिकूल मिट्टी की स्थिति, फॉस्फेट उर्वरकों की भारी या लंबे समय तक खुराक और ठंड, गीले मौसम के कारण जस्ता की कमी होती है। NanoZinc - जिंक (जिंक प्रोटीन) जिंक और नाइट्रोजन का एक स..
Brand: Shree Pesticides and Chemicals Model: Agrophos_Micronitrient_Mixture
Agrophos -  Micronitrient Mixture for Soil ApplicationIt contains all the micronutrient element Magnesium, Zinc,Copper,Boron,Manganese,Ferrous,Molybdate in perfect blend.Agrophos is a micronutrient powder that constitutes essential micro nutrients such as zinc, iron, copper, boron and moly..
Brand: Solufert Model: nutrimax
Nutrimax is a perfectly blended micronutrients powder containing all the vital micronutrients . Approved by government the mixture is scientifically prepared for utmost performance .Nutrimax is suitable for all crops , for removing the micronutrient deficiency , containing Zinc , Ferrous , Magnesium..
Brand: National Pesticides and Chemicals Model: Rosefert
Rose fert is multi micronutrient mixture powder specially formulated for flower plants.Special effect of Rose fert are :* Premium Fertiliser for Flowering plants* Improves overall health of plant* Enhance flowering* Enhances the life of flowersThe product offer here is 500 gms  Pack , delivered..
Brand: Shree Pesticides and Chemicals Model: Liquid Micronutrient
Chealated Liquid Micronutrient:sampurna Gold is a mixture of essential elements like  Iron Meganese , zinc, copper, Molybdenum and boron.It supplies balance nutrition to the plants thorough foliar spray and takes care of hidden hunger which can not be easily seen through symptoms on t..
Brand: Shree Pesticides and Chemicals Model: Sampurna_Gold_Micronutrient_Pack
Sampurna Gold - Combo Micronutrient PackIt contains Balanced Micronutrients that are essential for the plants . Magnesium Sulphate - 10 KgZinc Sulphate - 5 KgFerrous Suphate - 6 KgBorax - 1 KgManganese Sulphate - 1 KGPowertek Granules - 5 in 1 - 4 KgTotal - 27 Kg of Balanced FoodUse for Agricul..
SOYAGROWSoyagrow Micronutrient for SoybeansFor all types of Crop, Fruits, Vegetables, and FlowersDose- 2 to 3 ml per liter of waterApplication- 1) 1st Spraying on vegetative growth2) at the time of Flowering3) At the Time of Grainal and Fruit Setting..
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