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Biozyme Seed + is also an innovation in Biotechnology Research. A unique formula produced by mixing animal and vegetable products in scientifically controlled conditions to give you the optimum output.

What is Special in Biozyme Seed + ?

Seeds remain viable for diverse length of time and depend on species and outside atmospheric conditions. The embryo inside the seed coat needs something to get its metabolism activated and to start the embryo growing. They need some moisture to get their biochemistry activated, and warm temperature to allow the chemistry of life to proceed. Initial nutrition to the germinating seed is provided by Cotyledons and after that seeds require extra outside nutrition to survive in the outer world. The same extra nutrition is provided by Biozyme Seed + through its storehouse of available nutrients. The emerging seedling thus gets energy to fight the environment stress and grows up to a healthy plant in future.

Target Crops:

Biozyme Seed + is unique formulation, which can be generally used in all the seeded crops and transplanted roots.

For Seeded Crops
  • Better germination
  • Faster germination
  • Uniformity in germinating seedlings
  • More healthy and green plants
  • More profound root development
  • Increase in resistance against soil-borne or seed-borne diseases & pests
For Transplanted Roots
  • Reduce the transplant shock
  • Faster establishment of transplanted roots
  • More strong plant
  • Increase in resistance against soil-borne or seed-borne diseases & pests
  • High quality produce and more price realization
Method of Application:
CropApplication Method/TimeDose (ml/litre water)
Seeded cropsJust before sowing1 - 2 ml/litre of water
soak the seeds for 15 - 20 minutes
Transplanted CropsDuring transplantationMake the requires solution with Biozyme seed +
@1 - 2 ml/100 mlwater. i.e. 1% - 2% mixture for 15 - 20 minutes

10 ml sachet, 100 ml bottle, 250 ml bottle



Used In Following Countries:

  • India

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